Thursday, January 18, 2007


i am
destiny's fugitive
running around
in circles of gold

i am
a hollow promise
enticing existence
to follow & to fall

i am
a weary lie
dwarfed by
the truths abound

i am
Saturn's favourite son
imrisoned in
His bowels of resurrection


madelyn said...

Adi in a contemplative mood?

"truths abound" was wonderful -


it's the weekend - Yay!!!!!!

Aditi said...


Anonymous said...

Still unclear as to who you are, but I especially liked this one.

Cuckoo said...

My reader doesn't catch updates fast. :((

dwaipayan said...

you are my friend and her love

Rani said...

i am reader but not a follower? i liked it but got lost in it or was that the purpose to begin with? perhaps im not of a literary mind, so may be i dont get it

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
oceanic mirages said...

[A hollow promise,enticing existance to follow and fall]
Juxtaposing the exact binary opposite...
[A weary lie]
Truth reprsntd in its best...
R u ready to loose urself?

:-) take care buddy

dreamt before

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