Monday, April 23, 2007


folding palang jaisi
kaam aati raat bhar
aur rakh di jati subah
darwaje ke peeche
ya kone mein khada karke

soft toy jaisi
ghar ke show-case mein
saja di jati
saal dar saal, gard khati

pichle darwaje jaisi
kaamwali se batiyati
kuda phinkwati
aur sajti
diwali par sabse ant mein

durga ki pratima jaisi
sajayi, sanwari
pooji jati
phir dus din baad
baha di jati, jamuna mein

sirf aurat jaisi
uske hone ka dard
uski apni hi khushi
purush samajh paya hai kya
aurat ko kabhi


Aditi said...

the first para initially irked me annoyed me
and then i read the whole thing patiently and realized how horridly true it was..
and how sensitive of u to see this..
for isnt that what a lot of people want.. a pretty little trophy wife who can decorate but not someone who can talk air opinions contradict what they have to say..
heaven forbid she have a brain of her own
ok u get the drift

Anonymous said...

thnks twin

Ali S. said...

you have presented the true picture of women even though we talk about equality but still the situation is very different

Keshi said...

hey Adi hows u? :)


Abhishek Dadhich said...

Very very very well written boss...
Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

A slap to the conscience of those who can still think coherently, who can still see the truth, realise it and try and do some thing about it......
A bitter pill.... the hard truth.... but have to take it!!

Extreme truth presented in the best manner. Kudos dude...

Charity begins at home.....
I've started it..... have you??

How do we know said...

i m taking this poem to forward to my friends. Have added ur url to the mail.

As ever, i love ur poems.

meet_me said...

underneath leaves and leaves of pretense ....
she silently breathes for those she loves ...

dreamt before

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