Friday, June 22, 2007


baail ban gayi hain
jot-ti hain dil ki zameen ko
din bhar
bina ruke, bina thake

ek kisan ki tarah
bota hai beej bhavnao ke
aur rah takta hai
khuda ki us nemat ka
jo barsegi
to fasal khilegi
is pyasi zameen par

pyar hi to hai na wo?

have become bulls
till this heart's ground
all day
unstopping, untiring

like a farmer
sows seeds of emotions
and waits
for that blessing from Him
when falling which
will make the crop flower
on this thirsty ground

that is love, isn't it?


Aditi said...

beautiful analogy.. really thought provoking too

Arti Honrao said...

Yes! That is love :)


meet_me said...

is it really the mind that sows the seeds of emotions ever? thinking and feeling i believe i donno why are two different things...
if i don't make sense, i am sorrry ... i m out of those bulls errr... i mean senses... ;)

delhidreams said...

aditi: thanks twin. the first comment i got was 'intelligent analogy'.

arti: bless you too

pheebes: no probs. i'll love u still. God willing ;)

madelyn said...

I am going to read this a few times Adi dear
because the "seeds" caught my attention -
it's true - it's like a little tiny seed sometime's
and suddenly "poof!" a sunflower...

or a rose...

I love you and Dee. Always will sweetie:)

madelyn said...

Oh - your blog home is so pretty

like floating in the clouds of
love which makes perfect sense:)


Sigma said...

Beautiful words!! I do wonder where you get all these wonderful thoughts from ;-)
Great to see you back in flow. And I see you have changed your template too!!

Ash said...

have become bulls"

Beautiful. Yes, that indeed is love:)

Sugarlips said...

Yes, this is love :)

Lovely and very different.

Lots of love to both of you.

Stay Beautiful...!!

Movie Mazaa said...

Yay!! Its an honor, my dear, to be blogrolled here!!
:) Thx a bunch!!

BTW, this latest creation of urs is real good!! Just loved intelligence - farmer analogy! :)

Ali S. said...

dude superb...

really liked your style

How do we know said...

Super!! Am blogrolling u on Ki jaana main kaun, and Thank you, its an honor to be on the roll on Delhidreams. Have always loved and admired ur writing.

oceanic mirages said...

intelligent analogy my dearest...
Brilliant syllogism.
I love you.=)**********************************************************************

Keshi said...



delhidreams said...

maddie: yes, we don't know what moment turns into a seed and flowers cherry blossoms of love...and sunflowers n daisies n daffodils are my fave flower family :)
floating in clouds? so what does my dear maddie does most of the time ;)

sigma: actually it still is a wonder to me ;)

ash: thanks

sugarlips: hmmmm. bless u.

velu: if the good teacher says its good, then i will humbly accept the fact. and it is my pleasure to have you here on delhidreams.

sheikh sa'b: shukriya huzur!

how do we know: yaar, thoda jyada ni ho raha ;) thanks a ton dost

dee: u r the word, my dearest. love :*)

keshi: hmmmm :)

dreamt before

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