Friday, May 30, 2008


he was a strange man,
they recall
he laughed, when somebody died
or cried at a birth,
and said our lives are
but shadows and mirth


oceanic mirages said...

detachment or attachment to that supreme knowledge that he cant let go of even in this mortal world.
whos to decide is it detachment at all?

Unknown said...

Shadows and mirth
No length
No girth
As a wish
And a dream
Do we come
To this Earth

Stuck in time
But not in space
We come
So very briefly
To this place

Thank you Fakeer

human being said...

i love this wisdom
and needed it now

thanks Adi also for your kind words on myblog today... they really lifted my spirit.

Roxanne said...

adi, i'm so pleased you dropped by my blog ... as it has opened a whole new world for me. I look forward to reading more of your work. I am already entranced :)

bhumika said...

hi, landed on your blog through daily inspiration on flickr. You have an impressive and unusual way of writing. Really liked the couple of posts that i read.

Roxanne said...

dear adi, i thought that perhaps I already left a message ... but perhaps it was in my dreams? or perhaps the weekend went slower than I thought it did .... nevertheless, i am pleased you dropped by my site ... and i am pleased to discover yours. many topics of interest ... i will return!

delhidreams said...

OM: reality is what you believe in my dear :)

bobb: God Bless you

human: thanks friend. i feel good that u felt good.

honour: thanks. m honored :) do keep visiting. ha-ha, it was not you dreaming, but your comment lying dormant like a seed. and now, i've two beautiful comments. wow!

bhumika: thanks for visiting. ur name is fascinating. really. have u thought about it, kabhi?

Anonymous said...

hmmm...nice pic

Ashish Soni said...

"and said our lives are
but shadows and mirth"

why do u say that ??

delhidreams said...

smriti: ok, a litle more praise would have done :) anyways, welcome to delhidreams

ali: bcos, my dear billionaire, its the tears and the smiles that make our lives worth while
(or perhaps futile?)

Kavita said...

The few words , yet the enormity of meaning..that is true expression. Myriad interpretations... Glad i dropped by, shall visit again..cheers!

ishqia said...

i had read this last time i visited.. it is nice

[a} said...

deep :)
reminds me of a (mentally retarded) man i once met. sometimes i think the so-called disabled/retarded are wiser than the rest of us.

dreamt before

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