Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dee, Drama and Dosa(s)

so what were the last few days like? i say, they were full of the three Ds you see in the title above.

Dee, of course. everyday is hers. it has been only through her motivation that i restarted my studies.
Drama (British), is the exam i'd today. the only one i cud attempt for as i'd not prepared for the others. rest three (poetry, novel & linguistics) will have to wait till december. the thing i liked most about my exam was that i really enjoyed reading all those plays and am fortunate that they were part of my syllabus. each one, is a masterpiece and if you love literature, you must read them. (these were, doctor faustus, midsummer night's dream, hamlet, the alchemist, waiting for godot, murder in cathedral and look back in anger. the other two, pygmallion and playboy of the western world, i couldn't read.)
Dosa(s), for three continuous days i shut myself within home and had only south indian food. if nobody else, atleast the neighborhood udupi wala will sure want that i give more and more exams and soon.

will be back at your blogs jaldi hi. take care and yes, this is me at goa, this april.
June Mubarak :)


human being said...

June Mobaarak to you too.
interesting post
as for the first D... i love her too... through your poems and words i came to love her in a strange way... i see her as one of the Indian godesses ...
strange... i have not been to her blog yet... i should do it now after sending this comment

the second D...oh i was reminded of my university days when i was busy discovering a new world with each of the dramas we studied... i've read most of these ...fabulous works...

the third D... who dares eat Indian foods? are these like other Indian foods? Hot? with lots of pepper?
i wish i was brave!

Cuckoo said...

All the best !!


delhidreams said...

human: yes, she is a goddess, atleast to me :) and south indian food is even more spicy with lots and lots of exotic spices! but u must taste it once in this life.

cuckoo: thanks to u hai ji ;) and yes, this signature of urs is necessary, it will help people reach 'musings' a lot easier.

How do we know said...

hey, u look rather different in this pic!

And Dosa! wow!
All the best for hte rest of hte exams.

oceanic mirages said...

i love u.

delhidreams said...

howdy: :) i love to look different from time to time :):)


dwaipayan said...

which exam??what r u studying again??

dreamt before

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