Thursday, June 05, 2008

aks / mirror

bus kuch hi din toh huye jab
dekha tha us aadmi ko
nayi dilli station ke bahar ki
bheed-bhari sadak par akele khade huye

raat mein bhi kaala chashma pehne
haath mein chadi liye
pata nahi
kahan jana tha use
pata nahi
kiska kar raha tha woh intezar

apni akhiri metro pakadne ki daud mein
maine sirf itna jaana
ki theek uske jaisa
maine bhi paya hai khud ko
kai baar

attempted translation, in the comments section


delhidreams said...

not many days have passed/
when i saw that man/
standing outside the new delhi station/
alone, in that teeming crowd//

wearing dark glasses even in the night/
a cane in hand/
don't know/
where he was headed to/
don't know/
who he was waiting for//

caught in the rush for my last metro/
i could only feel/
that i've found myself/
much like him/
many a times in the past//

Cuckoo said...

This one is very beautiful Adi !!

Aur paper kaisa hua ?


How do we know said...

I like the idea Adi. Its really nicely done.

If I may say so, and maybe its just my feeling.. this piece does not have the "soul" that is so characteristic of the rest of your work. The feeling is genuine and there, but like a hastily chewed paan..not like a misri dali that lingers on your tongue till... well, maybe i m rambling on too much.

human being said...

the way the persona doesn't differentiate between the blind man and himself... and the way his past flows in his present being... is beautiful.
a multi-level awareness... what a mystic is the persona....

really enjoyed the theme and also the narration... a suprise ending... causing the reader pause and ponder on himself, his past and the fact that he may have been blind to some facts...

very enlightening..
and Adee read this post by Debra and also my comment on it...

i'm amazed by this quantum entanglement among us in blog land...
- - - - - - - - - -
'aks' is a Farsi word meaning 'photo' and sometimes the 'reflection' in the mirror or the things alike
the Farsi word for 'mirror' is 'aayené' or 'aayné'

i always get excited to see Farsi words in your Hidi poems... entezar... chashm... khud

delhidreams said...

cuckoo: paper accha hua. umeed hai ke pass ho jaoon ;)

howdy: hmmm. first reaction, i kind of couldn't understand what u were saying.
then, thinking about it, i got amazed. what u've pointed out at was actually the subconscious intention on my part.
frankly speaking, the craftsman within was not quite happy with this present form, this ending especially.
but i wanted this sudden ending, i wanted to remind myself that i didn't actually do anything to help that blind man. only if i cud have helped him cross the road or maybe he wanted to board some bus. maybe, just maybe.
that is why there is this feeling of rushing over, escaping, and am really thankful to you for reading this poem so closely. its something that cannot be defined in words of gratitude. thanks N, a lot.
please do be with me and my struggling words.

human: thanks a lot. i wud also like u to read howdy's comment above and my reply to her. perhaps it'll reveal some more facets to u.

human being said...

yes HDWK's comment and your response have some points to think about...
Adee, the poet -- writer or the artist -- creates a work of art based on some emotions he's experienced...
when we communicate with the work of art, what we get from it is not exactly what the artist has experienced... the reader's personality and experiences also intervene... i felt the rush through your words... but not your pity over not helping him... rather your awareness that all of us can be like him...
and they are not mutually exclusive... i can have my experience through your poem....
sure you are familiar with the concept of the writer being dead...
thanks for this beautiful peice creating all these reflections...

oceanic mirages said...

i guess all of us do feel the same way,about lot of things. what m nt sure abt is that whether we can understand that blindness at all? any blindness at all?
the poem is very nicely written, butb ur prose would have been better on this one.

oceanic mirages said...

and i love the header pic as well as the sher. :-)

delhidreams said...

human: :)

OM: i was on the verge of writing it in prose, but felt that somehow it would become a bit didactic. the poem leaves you thinking, as if unfinished... that effect was difficult in prose.
and yes, to be aware of what you are and what you are not, is the only awareness one needs. bur are we aware enough?
ah! somebody atleast loves the header pic!!! this has been perhaps my most favorite of all, so far :) thanks love

ishqia said...

u mean helpless.. good one..

dreamt before

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