Thursday, July 03, 2008

kavita / poetry

jaroori nahi ki likhi hi jaye
ya padhi jaye, kitabon mein
kavi sammelanon mein

maine dekha hai kavita ko hanste huye
may ki bhari dupehri mein
concrete ki deewar par
bougainvillea ka phool ban kar

maine dekha hai kavita ko khilte huye
ek sote huye bacche
ke chehre par
masoom si muskan ban kar

maine dekha hai kavita ko jeevant
uski umr, sadhe teis saal hai
aur kad, paanch foot dhai inch
aur apne naam ki hi tarah
usne mere jeevan ko roshan kiya hai

jaroori toh nahi na
ki likhi hi jaye?


need not be written
or read only in books
and poetry meets

i've seen poetry laughing
becoming a bougainvillea flower
climbing on a concrete wall
in a hot afternoon of may

i've seen poetry flowering
spreading as an innocent smile
on the face of a
sleeping child

i've seen poetry alive
she is twenty three years of age
and her height is five feet, two and a half inch
and like her name
she has illuminated my life, for life

need not be
written only na?



Wah, wah!

pink dogwood said...

oh my God - I am speechless - this is your most beautiful creation ever. Coincidently, I am also 'paanch foot dhai inch'

Keep writing Adi :)

human being said...

and i've seen poetry trying to write poems about poetry...

Jon said...

This is a very strong piece... a meta to me... about the craft... and no... poetry is not only rhetoric... Kahil Gibran has a great saying you may like:

Poetry is a flash of lightening. It becomes mere composition when it is an arrangement of words on a page.

Peace to you...

delhidreams said...

raji: ?

pink: he he, yes i'll keep writing. thanks a lot :)

human: yes. u've. we've.

hopper: :) thanks for sharing the quote and for the appreciation too. i agree, poetry loses some part of its soul when transcribed on paper. but then, how else will a poet communicate, if not in words :)

Arti Honrao said...

Haan, zaruri nahi ke kavita likhi jaye, woh padhi jaa sakti hai mehboob ki aankhon mein, bina likhe hi :D


How do we know said...

my thoughts exactly!

Ash said...

Wow. One of your best poems!

Anonymous said...

This is perfect
There is poetry in stopping by to say hello

Anil P said...

And yet it is difficult to define poetry :)

switch said...

poetry is magic.


switch said...

you know what I love to do?

I love to read your translation first and then read the Hindi aloud and feel it my ears in my heart.

harsh raj said...

Bandhu, Ati sunder..Ati sunder..!!

delhidreams said...

arti: :)

howdy: thanks. i can only imagine how you feel while looking at him growing up. its more beautiful than anything else, that i'm sure of :)

ash: thanks

bobbb: yes, citizen of earth. hello! and there's poetry in your very name too :)

anil: and yet, it is difficult to define love, life or beauty. the simplest of things are the most difficult to define na?

fern: is it? :) and is it that simple?

fern: thanks for sharing my words. i do it almost similarly. whenever i write someting, i go through it, first silently and then speak it. if it doesnt flows as much i like too, as the feeling i want to convey, i either change it or scrap it altogether.

bandhu: tum kahan se aa gaye :) dhanyavad


simple and beautiful..

Roxanne said...

simple and most touching.
a lovely lovely piece ....

delhidreams said...

shubhajit: thanks buddy. hope u like more of delhidreams.

honour: thank you :)

vebhuti said...

well written. Very well-written. :)

Aparna Mudi said...

im still waiting for u to publish my comment.....

delhidreams said...

vebhu: thanks :)

shadows: it was found inappropriate for publishing. but still, in your honour, it was published and then deleted.

Aparna Mudi said...

it was a joke... laugh it off... i guess dee will laugh at it... ask her...:)
by the way, the pik is amazing... the lines on ir.. cheezy... bina cheese ke tu zinda nahi reh sakta...

delhidreams said...

yes, u r right. she did laugh at it. thanks.
and i really hope i cud write as well as the pic is.

Sudeep B said...

this is one of your best...

dreamt before

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