Friday, August 01, 2008

mazhab / religion

main samajh nahi pata
ki kisi ka bhala karne ke liye
hansne ke lie
pyaar failane ke liye
sab insaanon ko apne barabar samajhne ke liye
mujhe kisi mazhab ki jaroorat hi kya hai?

i can not understand
that to do some good
to laugh
to spread love
to recognize each human being as my equivalent
why do i need a religion at all?


Varun said...

isn't it supposed to be maZhab?

human being said...

it's not for those who
and do good
it's for those who

very impressive... and my lifelong question, too...

is that you and Dee in the header picture?
very very lovely pic... kiss her for me
today her poem 'third world' just killed me!

human being said...

in Persian we say " maz'hab "

delhidreams said...

varun, human: yes, it is mazhab. corrected it.

human: yes, it is we in the pic. and yes, she writes in an adjective defying sort of way. and ur request will be taken care of soon :)

meet_me said...

ur poetry rocks, as always adi... bt i have come here to comment about ur pic ... it's amazing....
luv to dee...

- Phoebe :-)

On a side note, is the Phoebe reflecting some fear that you have from me :D ??

dwaipayan said...

well pointed...i'm back, with a new muse..

dwaipayan said...

btw, he header pic brings a lot of memories back...

pink dogwood said...

Adi - you have taken words right out of my thoughts. One of my friends loaned me this indian movie called "Shaurya" - have you seen it? Very powerful movie.

I love the header picture - may you two find love and happiness forever.

delhidreams said...

phoebe: yes, i know phoebe, that is an amazing pic we've there. and no, i didn't understand the last comment. please explain.

dwai: kamine, its been ages i heard from u. where the hell u've been. let me go and check what do u exactly mean by this new muse of yours. and yes, i'm very sure that pic brings a lot of memories back :)

pink: thanks for being here, with me even if i don't come visiting often :) yes, i've seen the movie and no doubt, it is a brilliant portrayal of the religious identity and personal identity clashes we all are going through in India.

meet_me said...

well, i think pheebee is spelt as pheebee. and phoebe for me (donno y) closely resembles phobia :D

thus the comment :-)

Megha Negi said...

Great...Hats off to ur poem n yeah...header pic is very nice ;-)

dreamt before

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