Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mazhab / religion

khuda majboor hai
panchtantra ki kahani ke
us hathi ki tarah
jise 6 andhon ne tatola
6 taraf se
aur maan liya
apne hi nishkarsh ko
sach sabse bada

un andhon ki
aginat andhi santano ne
baant liya hai khuda ko
aur bhi thoda-thoda
aur lad rahi hain aaj
apni-apni sachaiyon ke liye

khuda aaj bhi wahin khada hai
aur kar raha hai
na jane
kis ghadi ka intezaar

god is helpless
like the fabled elephant
of the panchtantra
who was felt over
on six sides
by six blind men
and they came to the conclusion
that theirs was the only true version

innumerable blind progeny
of those six blind men
have further divided god
little by little
and are fighting today
for their own truths

god is still standing there
and is waiting for
who knows
what moment to come


Aparna Mudi said...

khuda khada hai,
kali ke intezaar mein,
woh anginat santaan jab kat jayenge apne hi haathon...
khuda khada hai apna nishkarsh dene,
jaante hue ki,
koi na ab maana hai na tab maanega...
ki khuda hai wohi...
khuda khada hai haara hua aaj... dehleez par jannat ke...

this is really AMAZING...
and this is what makes me believ that my adi still shows his glimpse at times....
welcome back

pink dogwood said...

well said

Arti Honrao said...

Really deep.
Well - written


How do we know said...

what r u waiting for before trying to get published as a book??

chunky said...

beautiful!!! and so very true...

dharmabum said...

god doesn't wait. god is. waiting is characteristic of man. when man stops waiting and starts being, he becomes khuda.

oceanic mirages said...

i would like to agree with Dharma, yet i choose to disbelieve for what dharma has said absolves me of any responsibilty...
god can be existential too you see, may be god is also waiting for godot...

Cuckoo said...

This is so very thoughtful and deep.

Well written, Adi.



beautiful thoughts

human being said...

this story is used by Molavi (Rumi)too... to show the dogmatism of people...
you have used it very cleverly and beautifully... yes... a futile fight by the "believers"!

loved your sarcasm in the last stanza... very impressive...

delhidreams said...

shadows: ur adi is everythng what he writes. and not that too. again, u r stuck to just one side of the individual :)

pink: thanks buddy

arti: thanks poetess

howdy: for some chiding by dee and confidence in my market worth :)

chunky: sigh. yes it is true.

dharma: i understand god is what u r, urself. neither am wrong, nor u r right. and both r the same thing :)

OM: maybe. maybe not. maybe there is no god but me. maybe there is no me but only god.

cuckoo: thanks miss :)

shubajit: hey buddy, thanks a lot. how r u doing?

human: it is the believers who kill a belief. the world was much beutiful when we didnt fight for what we held true, so much that every other belief was suppossed untrue :(

Aparna Mudi said...

if i were not to be stuck on just one side... i would be in love with adi.... this is the adi, im in love with... let it be... let me be the blind one for some time

Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...

So well expressed.

Mo said...

beautiful thoughts, well written

dreamt before

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