Friday, October 17, 2008

On adiga’s booker win and our daydreaming

Last evening, we were talking about the new sensation, arvind adiga and now that he has won the booker a lot many people will pick the book up. Dee said she would go for it to know why it won the booker. I on my part had no interest in it pehle se hi and after booker bhi, it doesn't matter. I'll read it if I feel like or if is recommended by someone close.

From the novel to the merits of his writing to his age we zeroed in to the prize money J 50,000 pounds! And I quickly went on to calculate the amount it'll turn out to be in rupees and was quickly chided by her for wrong calculation as I took the exchange rate at only 60 while the pound was actually selling at near 75 rupees.

Anyways, the point was we started thinking what we would have done with the money. That came after we thought how nice it would be to the youngest booker winner ourselves. Haan, so what we would have done with the money. It didn't take much. We straightaway zeroed in to buying a house for us with the prize money and if anything left, to stash it away in a bank account.

Long after the conversation, I kept wondering how simple our wishes are. To have a home of our own, to have a good monthly income and a loving family life. It doesn't take much to be happy, if we really cut our greed out.

And one more thing, if you go around asking people what they would do with a prize money like that, more often than not, you'll come out with an honest answer which will be closer to their heart. And that will tell you much about the person than any EQ or IQ or management quiz possible.

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