Friday, October 17, 2008

Sachin is King *updated*

Yes, the master has done it. He is now the highest run-getter in the history of cricket. And what runs man. The display board at the stadium rightly said, he has made us proud with his achievements.

Anyways, the match is still on. We've just crossed 200 with Dada and Sachin on crease. Let's see what the final session will bring. And just now Rajesh has brought me my lunch bill for the week! 67 rupees for the last five days. Hasn't had much this week J

Trivia. Everything is numbers. Aur kya?

Anyways, I get back to work. Scripting two or three films for my client and middling with a lot of things at the same time. Will be following tendulkar and company on cricinfo though.

See ya!


please please do check these links. especially the later one.

Tendulkar breaks Lara's record

A player of two parts

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