Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year’s first post is about…


Yes, dats d blog u guys don't visit too often. J d problem is, I've decided to keep delhidreams safe from my usual mundane babblings, n to keep thm separate in there. dat is, on d thinkpot. So if u r interested in my poetry and other literary forays, u shud b sticking to delhidreams. If u want to know, what m really up to, u shud b bookmarking thinkpot. There r a couple of othr blogs also on my profile, but they r in limbo right now, so don't worry abt them. Will keep u updated on if and wen I revive them.

Okay, enuf of ths shameless self-promotion. but being in advtg it's a habit that I earn my bread wid, I need to tell u that I had a very good beginning to the year 2009. It had everything possible in a bollywood movie. Well, almost everything. Hero, heroine, maa, love, romance, glamour, contemplation, etc. etc. etc. well almost, 'cos it had no villains or evil plots. n to know all of dat, u'll hav to come over to thinkpot ;)

I know, am mean-fully shame-less. In advtg, we call it public relations.

C u there. Luv ya!



Anonymous said...

wow!! Congrats! Will surely visit Delhi Dreams.

Unknown said...

I mean thinkpot :D

D Writer said...

Well, m hooked...will be visiting thinkpot Mr shameless advertiser...

----Co Shamless Advertiser

starry said...

happy New year Adi and congrats.have to get the details from think pot.

delhidreams said...

neilina: thanks. u can visit both ;)

D writer: welcome buddy. glad to know a copywriter in blogworld. please be around :)

starry: happy new year to u too starry. although m quite late. but then, this year has started like that only :) hope all is well at ur end. take care.

dreamt before

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