Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year’s first post is about…well, the new year…

…And about why didn't I sms my wishes this time?

While reminiscing about life at the urinal upstairs (downstairs one being renovated, but that's not needed here) I realized how tech. driven I am becoming. In fact, how tech. driven we all are getting. It was a simple thought that crossed my mind, how many sms I sent wishing people a very 'happy new year'. I didn't.

sounding apologetic, my inner logical brain replied, "you were not supposed to! U already mailed more than 70 people in your gmail address book, u mailed people in ur facebook mailing list and u posted ur new year wish on two of ur blogs separately! How more u cud have done? If people can't get ur msg on e-mail or the net, what use is their being in touch?"

the best thing about this internal conversation was that I agreed to this logic. I reached almost everyone I know through mail or blog posts. This involves both my real and virtual well wishers. (Apart from my parents, who do not use the net.) There was no need to again separately message each one of them. But this was a break from tradition, this too I agreed to. It has become a norm for people to now message each other in groups on each and every festival or celebration or piece of bad news. sms has become the de-facto medium of communication for many-many people of my generation. But even that is changing. sms is not cool anymore. Maybe mms will be, when everyone can afford multimedia enabled phones. But that'll take some time in India.

I'm looking at a world wherein I'll be more and more online, where sms will be completely replaced by instant messaging and twitter feeds and facebook updates. Am I also looking at a world which is loosing one more 'old' way of staying in touch while discovering new ones simultaneously? Is 'sms' going to be the 'hand written letter' of past century in the coming years?



Anonymous said...

a little hard to read the font.
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

your observations are everyone else i too hav wished all my friends and family thru msgs and mail...SO, much so that i hav msgd even my parents becoz they too dont use the net...however, a tweeny weeny little pricking guilt coudn't let go of the new year cards...

though i didnt like too many, i finally bought a bundle of Help Age India cards and distributed to all and sundry...

the world is moving fast ...but if u feel like, u can make the time

dreamt before

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