Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ritika's Birthday

we celebrated a dear colleague, Ritika's birthday on the 20th. here are some of my favorite pics and a little video wherein our in-house mimicry artist Mr. Shiv Shankar Sharma (aka Shiv Ji) is well, errr, mimicking our office administrator, Mr. Rajagopalan aka Raj.

very risky business, as Raj is thought to have links with the kerala underworld. and he controlls the account flow within the healthcare department. so, well, brave job Shiv ji.

you can see me bouncing up and down with joy, while eating a delicious piece of dhokla. ah, the joys of gossip with good tea-time snacks!

hope you had a good birthday celebration Ritika, i certainly enjoyed my day :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ritika.

Anonymous said...

beautiful faces..all of you.

dreamt before

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