Thursday, March 05, 2009

a day at the Pacific

no, not that Pacific! i'm talking about the Pacific Mall in the eastern part of the city. a few weeks back both of us met a friend there and did lots of masti together.

the Pacific Mall is located near the Anand Vihar, inter-state bus terminal on the eastern border of delhi. it was a saturday and Nidhi (our friend) had to shop for our birthday gifts, with we in tow! i went there directly from my home in kalkaji, south delhi and dee came from her school. Pacific is one of our frequent hangouts and we've roamed around these area so many times that nothing interests us anymore :)

anyways, while waiting for Nidhi to come, we decided to do some serious wind
ow shopping. and in the middle of our expedition came across Spencer’s food court. Located on Pacific's ground floor, Spencer Hypermarket is your usual middle-class shopping destination, full of organised chaos. We really liked its food court though. A bright ‘n cosy place or perhaps because it was early afternoon (and not a Sunday), it was more or less vacant and thus appeared to be so.

That apart, it has a nice little menu of food options from Indian snacks and mini-meals to Western snacks and desserts. We’d a Rajkachori first, spicy and really fresh. Then after Nidhi arrived, we ordered some ‘moong ki dal ke pakode’, ‘pao-bhaji’ and ‘shahi dhokla.’ All this from the Rajdhani counter within the food court. This is the same Gujarati Rajdhani which has popular eating joints in CP, Gurgaon and NOIDA. Had a light lunch and clicked some pics too. Then we went a floor above to Westside, where Nidhi got me a nice, light warm, grey and black striped tee. After that, we went over to look for a kurta for Dee. Normally Westside's Indian ethnic collection is quite appealing to the senses, but this time round the collection was a disappointment. So we went to Globus instead. And there Dee struck a goldmine. With one beautiful pea-green kurta as a gift from Nidhi, she also got two knee-length dress tops (one white and one beige) from me. Somebody was happy and grinning from ear to ear :) All this simple shopping took us about two and a half hours (god knows why girls take so much time shopping for dresses!) and as we were feeling slightly hungry again, one more time we scampered to the Spencer food court. This time we had only liquid nourishment though, juice and cold drinks. then as the curfew hours for the girls were coming into effect, we said hurried goodbyes and i came back home.

it was a nice day overall. i was apprehensive how it'll go, 'cos i was quite unwell but we'd already promised Nidhi so couldn't cancel the program. in the end, everything went well. have realized one thing, shopping does lift my mood *lol* especially, when i shop for her!

take my advice guys, the next time you are feeling blue, grab your better half, throw in a couple of good friends in the mix and go out for an impulsive shopping spree. there's no better joy than seeing your loved one smiling with all the spoils of the day. ofcourse, you'll get so much more love in return for the next few days ;)

here's my shopping queen! and till next time, stay away from the blues!


How do we know said...

he he he i like the shopping queen pic... how a woman loves being shopped for!

delhidreams said...

howdy: yes she does :) and as i said, i'm so happy to see her happy.

Umananda Kalita said...

Home management simplified:)

dreamt before

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