Friday, March 06, 2009


I’m loving it.

Arre, this new channel. Yaani, I mean its not new, but I kind of recently discovered two serials on it which are good.
Aise hi channel surfing karte huye I came across ‘Jasubhai something ki joint family’ on NDTV Imagine.

Liked it. Much better than most of the over-the-top comedy shows and corny humorous family dramas.

Then the second one, ‘Kyonki yeh toh ghar ki baat hai’ is even better.

A very today’s husband and wife, so very much like what me and Dee will be when we get married. (i hope) if i remember right, they take your one hour between 9 to 10.

And then the next one is Farhan Akhtar starring ‘Oye It's Friday.’ The first episode i watched had the whole Rock On' team visiting the show! This channel rocks man!

Strange how films go off-screen these days within a few weeks of releasing. As if, jitna paisa kamana tha kama liya, no more promotion required now. first they bombard you with endless promos and teasers and what nots, and then, complete silence. 'release ke baad ki khamoshi.'

lost track, again. you can check the website here,

man! I loved the show, Farhan rocks, such a good conversationalist. Waise I wonder how much of it is staged and if repeated takes are allowed.

oye! its already 20:50!!!

i better be making a move, if i've to watch tonight's episodes :)

do tell me, how you liked the shows. c ya, and you better have a happy weekend. love ya.

- adi


How do we know said...

me no c this channel (or any channel) :-(

delhidreams said...

howdy: :( but why?

dreamt before

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