Sunday, August 02, 2009

ma had great dreams for me.

to fulfill them i did many things like running printing machinery, operating design computers, teaching children and adults, caring for adults that behaved like children (i.e. customer care and client servicing) and works. writing copy for around three years now and she still has no idea what do i actually do.

all i want is to get my name published someday, somewhere. as an ad maker or a script writer or a lyricist or the world's most talented lunatic.

hope you'll be somewhere around to cheer me :)



Sudeep B said...

sure mate...
amen !

Toon Indian said...

Buddy you would surely get your dreams fulfilled and we would definately be cheering for you ,wherever we will be!!

Anonymous said...

Your name in print
An admirable goal

But you may not know
That your words already touch so many with their beauty
And though I havent always taken the time to comment, there are many that I now carry in my heart, though you will never see the bi line
Mom would be proud none the less

divya said...

may your dreams come true for its our dreams that define us!

dreamt before

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