Friday, August 20, 2010


they, who have loved this place
are long since gone
leaving behind, empty shells
hungry, moving freely around

many others, rush in daily
pouring in this overfilled void
and so many, eventually
seep underground

she welcomes all
to her still loving bosom
now poisonous with
the filth that surrounds

not anymore this is
the city of hearts
but of a lust for power
that knows no bounds

the poet laments
his eyes run dry
waiting for the time, when
what was lost, will be found


Simply Poet said...

very well written bro..its Delhi story and Commonwealth will leave even more scars on her

delhidreams said...

thanks Simply Poet. yes, i wrote it primarily for Delhi, but while writing this i was also conscious of the fact that this is the story of every big city in the world. that is why i titled it 'metropolis'.

thanks once again.

Surubhi said...

Beautiful Adee....i loved the lines "she welcomes all to her still loving bosom now poisonous with the filth that surrounds" and am afraid all that was lost will never be found :)

Umananda Kalita said...

moist and intense. keep penning!

How do we know said...

Kaun jaaye Zauk ab Dilli ki galiyaan chhod kar.. to Ghalib's, Ab delhi nahi rahi... chhota sa safar tha na... ye, amoeba sa, marta nahi.. badalta rehta hai har pal.. ye shehar hai.. chalta rehta hai har soorat...

Nadhiya said...

About delhi :) i can relate it to CWG:D

Vidya said...

This is so lovely, Adee.

delhidreams said...

surubhi: u played the copywriter there!!! :)

uma: thanks buddy!

howdy: yeah, this is a never-ending journey, or evolution or devolution of not only Delhi but every metropolis in the world. thanks for the beautiful thought u posted as a comment.

nadhiya: hahaha, many people will, but let me assure u, i've tried to paint a broader picture here :)

vi: thanks a lot! and it is nice to c u on delhidreams' back to back posts :)

baavriviti said...

i have lived in this delhi and i live in the delhi that had somewhat less filth thanks to the memories that exist around me. i feel like i am afraid to come back now. i don't want to see any more destruction of awesomeness. beautifully written adee, as always!

Stephen said...

lovely one bro! this is true for all the cities! Mumbai, Delhi! etc!

hats off!

Vivek said...

Came back from Delhi this morning my first visit to the city in almost 2 years... was saddened to see the condition of the city where I spent 2 of the best years of my life.... Get well soon Delhi

ani_aset said...

Speaks of Delhi yeah :D well written

Sohini said...

Lovely poem... I specially liked the ending :)

sanely insane said...

A city is as alive as its ppl...a ppl are as alive as its city.

Once when our guruji was with us...he commented to dad...look how the Yamuna is dying...and along with it the city...

maybe i think...somewhere we have forgotten to live wit passion...too much rationality is watz killing us

delhidreams said...

viti: sometimes, n only sometimes, even destruction has a beauty inherent. i just hope that, that beauty shines through, eventually. thanks :)

stephen: yes bro, it is. thanks :)

vivek: u were in Delhi n didn't bother to call me??? thanks for d comment :)

ani: thanks bro :)

delhidreams said...

sohini: thanks :) thats my fave part too. (n loving d way we both repeated our tweets here :D)

SI: yeah, the heart is now diverted from love to lust, n dat is why, not only delhi, but almost every major city and our mother earth are slowly being seeped away of life. thanks :)

cyclopseven said...

Domestication to erroneous acceptance on reality leads to these kind of problems. Hope the pristine glory of every metropolis reigns soon.

Ire said...

"What was lost, will be found..." Nice line! :D

harshita s said...

Beautifully Composed Lines :)

Keep writing
Harshita :)

Sudeep B said...

nice... true for all cities...

even Pune as drastically changed in the last 5 years... i came here to meet some friends and decided to stay put because i simply fell in love with the place...

an interesting thought occurs to mi... even i am part of what has happened to this city...

oceanic mirages said...

highly modernistic imagery. the search for the lost utopia permeates each word. Eliot but toned down like ten times as far as the complexity of structure is concerned. all in all, a well composed poem. enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

it's a bit sad. but it's reality. new realities are emerging whether we like them or not. nothing ever stays for too long, it all shifts to somewhere else. is it all really lost or we don't want to find them? who knows?
this poem seems synonymous with every major city's story. it's as if there is an ever growing blur between one's self esteem and desperation which can lead him/her to do anything to get things done by their selected means.
wonderful poem. i like the simplicity reflecting the complexities interwoven in the lives of people who reside in a city.

Shefali Takalkar said...

Nice lines there...enjoyed reading it :)

delhidreams said...

cyclopseven: what??? :D

niki: thanks!

harshita: thanks harshu :)

sudeep: yes, we all are a part of what's happening to our cities.

Ocmi: coming from you, am honored for this feedback :) u know i look up to u, especially in terms of the English verse!

neo: 'simplicity reflecting the complexities' i liked that! thanks a ton!:)

shefali: thanks! hope you'll come back for more :)

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