Monday, August 30, 2010

इंतज़ार / the wait

वो बैठा-बैठा
रात के तालाब में
सितारे फेंक रहा है

बहुत बरस हुए अब
रात भरने को आई
मगर इंतज़ार
ख़त्म नहीं हुआ उसका

तुम किसी दिन
सुबह जल्दी उठकर
चूम लेना माथा उसका
उसकी थकी आँखों को
सुकून आ जाये

sitting there, on the edge
of the pond that is the night
he picks and throws stars, one by one

its been ages
the night is now brimful with stars
but the end of his wait
is still afar

if some day
you got up early
and kissed his forehead sweet
his tired eyes
will find some relief


Prakash P said...

Short & Sweet... I don't know Hindi but the English version is perfect :-)

starry said...

Loved this poem Adee.

Aparna Mudi said...

hmmmm.... :)

Pallavi said...

I like the Hindi version of the poem. Sweet :)

With Malice said...

@adi: hum dono ke beech ek common link hai...waise to kai saare hain...
frankly speking, tumhari kavitaon mein ek gehrai aaayi hai... after following you for some time, i cudn'e resist myself commenting here...
well done dude...
keep it up

* મારી રચના * said...

उसकी थकी आँखों को
सुकून आ जाये...

^ so meaningful... i like it Adee... keep it up..

delhidreams said...

thanks all for the comments and feedback :)

Prakash: thanks junior bhai ;) m glad u liked that!

Starry: thanks. hope u r doing well these days.

Shadows: chalo aap muskurayin to sahi! ;)

Pallavi: thanks :)

WM: hmmm, i think i correctly guessed the common link here :) she told me that u've been chori-chupe reading both our blogs :D and much more than 'simple thanks' for the comment. coming from u, its special for me :)

human being said...

this feels like velvet, Adee... when i was reading through it, i could feel that touch!

the image of night sky being a pond... is so fascinating!
and the stream of emotions... so beautiful!

really enjoyed reading this... thanks!

heropm said...

WOW! Awesome poem with an awesome image attached to it. I loved every bit of it, mate. Kudos to you. I could sense the feeling in each word you had put in there.

Harshit Gupta said...

Phodu saale.. hamesha phod dete ho.. maza aa gaya.. lovely.. damn good..

serendipity said...

traces of Gulzaar

Unknown said...

Very nice, brother!
Atee uttam, bhraata shree! =D

Nadhiya said...


So sweet :)



Very nice. I like the new look of your blog,too.

Neelabh said...

Lovely.. so Gulzarish :) I liked the photo up there too :) Keep writing

Gill said...

wonderful Adee!!!!

With Malice said...

adi: welcome dude, and i MUST SAY THAT YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY when it comes to poetry

ani_aset said...

aah lovely i like the feeling...soft and sweet

Anonymous said...

loved this !! and also your blog header image !! too good :)

anix said...

good one, muje aise laga kahi main tho nahi tare phekra us akash main :P

keep writing :D

delhidreams said...

khushi: shukriya sonal ji :)

human: honored to have u here, dear Crow :) m so glad u read exactly what i meant to. thanks a ton :)

hero: nice name! :) and yeah, thanks a lot for taking the time and the comment. hope you'll visit again :)

HG: hahaha! now i knew the meaning behind hg6 :D thanks a ton buddy!

serendipity: hmmmm :)

Siddharth: dhanyavad bhrata patel! ;)

nadhiya: *cugs* :D

raji: thanks. m gald u liked it. and yes, the blog look changes with every poem :)

neelabh: thanks bhai. accha lagta hai jab real creative souls kuch pasand karte hain :)

Gillian: thanks Blue *hugs* :D

WM: :) am planning to get published! any suggestions? :)

ani: hmmmm, the pain of love is deep and sweet my dear :)

nimue: thanks, glad u liked it. and header image credit goes to an anonymous creator :)

anix: ho sakta hai tum hi ho, ho sakta hai main hoon, par intejaar to ek hi rehta hai... apne mehboob ka, hai na? :) thanks bhai.

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