Monday, March 28, 2011

remembering Virginia

"Then a little before noon, she walked out, taking her hat and her walking stick and her overcoat, in the pocket of which she placed a large stone, and drowned herself in the River Ouse, near their home in Sussex."

it was seventy years ago that she killed herself, unable to continue her struggle with a restricted life. she has left a legacy of unparalleled works, that i feel should be read to understand life that little bit more passionately than we normally do. in her memory today, i'll start reading Mrs. Dalloway. have tried reading it before, but every time i come to the second page, describing the day of June Classisa finds herself in, i put the book down with a sigh.

"life; London; this moment of June."

which work of hers would you recommend most to a friend :)

1 comment:

Ire said...

Sigh...Virginia Woolf. Well, if you do plan to start reading Mrs Dalloway, read it through and through. Its boring but insightful. :D

dreamt before

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