Monday, April 04, 2011

when mortals become gods

New Delhi, 02 April, 2011
some time before 12 in the night

Mortals have become Gods
We've won the Cricket World Cup 2011

i was down at the temple corner. they had put up a giant screen with a live DJ and hundreds of men, women, boys and girls gathered there, cheering each and every run team India made. it was electric. each shot, each run, each break celebrated with bhangra and madness. and we won, we won, we won!

the image of Sachin rushing on to the ground (later i read that he had not watched the winning runs as he was praying inside the dressing room!), his time-stopping hug of Yuvi, the victory lap with youngsters carrying him on their shoulders, Dhoni - the humble leader making the back of the procession, these images will stay with me forever. the brightest moments of my cricket viewing career ;)

but i also felt very lonely. there i was, surrounded by hundreds of strangers, desperately needing someone to hug, someone to share my tears of joy with. missed her so much that i can't even explain. joys or sorrows are worthwhile only when shared with someone you love.

later we did get to talk, and we couldn't. it was overwhelming. i must have went on and on about what this cup meant for India, for the team, for Sachin... but she had already converted over to the cult of the 'God!'

and for me, it was an affirmation, my belief in destiny doubled; that yes, there is somebody up there who writes such scripts, that yes, there is redemption, that patience pays, that i should never-ever lose faith, because hard work and sheer dedication always pays, that the universe is with Sachin and me and with all those who believe... is only belief that converts mere mortals into all conquering Gods

this is a video of the last few runs of the match, each ball cheered, music and dance at every step, it was sheer madness to be a part of this crowd on the streets of New Delhi.


shibu said...

welldone india...!!


"joys or sorrows are worthwhile only when shared with someone you love."

dreamt before

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