Thursday, April 07, 2011

Goa calling

once again, Goa is calling, for Indian advertising industry's biggest annual show, Goafest.

i'm going there with five of my team members from the McCann Healthcare Delhi office. joining us will be our Mumbai team and many from other divisions of the Delhi office. and of course the whole of industry will be there.

meeting the Mumbai guys will be cool, so will be the beaches and the beers! there are some wild elements in our troupe who've been planning some interesting things. i on the other hand am looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the best in the business and just going along with the flow.

whatever the spirit, we all are definitely looking forward to having some fun. and a bit of learning too :D

will keep you updated with things as they happen. we are not going to be there for a long time, but as my dada Shantanu said, "it is not the number of days, it is the number of hours that i'm looking forward to!"

see you in Goa, soon!

p.s. if i get good network connectivity there, u might also get regular tweets from my twitter account @delhidreams and/OR my facebook page here.enjoy!

dreamt before

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