Monday, December 19, 2005

the love that binds

no more updates today, except this little poem

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Anonymous said...

how can i defy these signals dear...each day brings more of them...i do believe but what do i beleive in is what i still need to figure is a dark continent....but this is one more clue when u rote this but we are playing with the same words...this was on the 20th night..11:50 pm to b precise....

hawa tez thi,
main suljhane se darti thi
ulajhane diya,ulajhane de rahi hun.
jane kya soch kar wo ulajhata raha,ulajh raha hai
par shayad mujhe sach dikhta hi nahi
wo resham hai,ulajhata nahi
wo resham hai,main suti dor
wo to sulajh jayega,main khud main ulajh rahi hun..
khud main hi ulajh kar reh jaungi

dreamt before

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