Monday, November 21, 2011

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

a facebook discussion between my friend N and me:

N: Well if i have to vote, i'll vote for Twilight,. :). Nytime a 19 yr old vampire is way too better than a 11 yr kid wizard :)))) :P

  • first of all that 19yr old vampire is not so 19 yr old :P
  • second, harry potter doesn't remain an 11yr old kid all his life, he learns, he grows, unlike ur 19yr old vampire.
  • third, harry potter is more than a sickly sweet vampire love story where characters are cut outs of popular culture and never achieve anything in life.
  • fourth, harry potter is a celebration of friendship, of victory of good over evil, of respect for elders, of living against every conceivable odd... can twilight series ever match it :)

so what do you say? who would you chose between the two?


btw, you can check the actual winner here on Mashable, from whose shared link this post and subsequent discussion originated:


Prats said...

Harry Potter Any Day!!

Kanupriya said...

what? what?! there's no question of 'vs' here. HP is way, way ahead!

delhidreams said...

thanks Prats and Kanu :) though the ratio here is completely skewed towards HP fans, it became the most hotly debated topic on my facebook page till date :D thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter rules!! A girl involved in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf??? what crap!

dreamt before

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