Friday, November 03, 2006



jab tum vidaa lo
to mud jaayaa karo jaldi se
aaur chadh jaayaa karo
apni us bus,
yaa metro rail mein
jo tumhein le jaati hai mujhse dur

chali jaayaa karo bin bataaye mujhe
kyonki jaate huye tumhe
dekhaa nahi jaataa mujhse
i haven't attempted translating it. i'll try, but could somebody help me with it. please.
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Sigma said...

Lovely words Adi. I understand the feeling :-)
I am not sure I can translate that is just right with your mood, but here it is anyway ...

When you depart (from me),
Turn away quickly
and board your bus
or the metro train
That takes you away from me.
Leave without saying a goodbye
Because I cannot bear
to see you go away.

Aditi said...

goodbyes tend to be awkward and sad when u dont want to say goodbye..

dwaipayan said...

enough!!!I'm stealing this one... and will give her this tomorrow!! final!!!u have to's perfect!!!!!

dwaipayan said...

par o bus me to jati's always metro rail!

dwaipayan said...

moreover today I get up in the train 1st leaving her at the platform!!:(:(:(

Revealed said...

Simply beautiful. Love it. Like I heard somewhere Goodbye is such a wrongly termed word, it should be Badbye :). I hate goodbyes myself, do anything to avoid them.
Oh and you're forgiven for not coming to my blog, you apparently have a lot of things on your mind :P

Anonymous said...


delhidreams said...

sigma: thanks sir. it feels good when you have somebody to share the feelings with.

aditi: thats why u went without saying goodbye to me!

dwai: all yours man!!!

revealed: aaj delhidreams apke whatiteez par aaye thhe! yup, they should be called 'badbyes' :(

anon: teri hmmm ki aisi ki taisi!

Aditi said...

ahh lekin yeh to temporary tha.. i was coming back

San said...

waa waa sher-o-shyari

:) i understood and I can see you have translated it too.

farewells are so numbing now. i'm used to them

Sigma said...

"thanks sir" ???
Make it "ma'am" :-))
I thought you would have got it by now, looking at my profile and my posts :-)

Anonymous said...

wah wah,kya baat hai sirji. apke dil ko achi tarah samajh rahe hai,wel har sunday k yeh problm hoti hogi right.koi baat nahi sabr ka phal meeta hota.

sweet factory

delhidreams said...

aditi: =)

san: :( one shud not get used to anything. the fun is not there then.

nihar: meetha nahi khatta meetha ;)

sigma: oops! but ur profile doesnt give a clue whatsoever :)

dreamt before

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