Saturday, January 27, 2007

10 days to go!

"Well, I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies" says the Little Prince

and how true this is for everyone of us. well, m not continuing from the last post, cos i've forgotten what i wanted to say. its just that feeling that i'll be meeting her tomorrow again and nothing else matters now.

and tomorrow is very special. exactly a year ago, my hagrid - aparna, called me at office, general talk, that she was sitting with two of her friends, who by chance happened to be aquarians. and i, the normally curious aquarian, wished to had a chat with them. one of the two girls talked to me, we had a normal chit chat, wherein i enquired about her birthday and she wished me a belated birthday also.

around eight days later, i messaged that aquarian friend of aparna a 'morning birthday wish from a stranger'. and have never felt more thankful for this habit to remember birthdays more, than now. from that simple birthdyay wish, flowed a friendship, that in the course of months evolved into something more than a simple friendship.

tomorrow, as i'll meet that aquarian friend once again, i'll ask her this simple question, if we hadn't met like we did dee, would we have fallen in love like this?

agar tum aur main ajnabi hote
aur takrate kisi din raaste mein ek doosre se
kisi maal mein, restaurant mein
ya metro ki bheed mein

agar kisi din intezaar karte milte
kisi movie ticket ki lambi line mein
kya hum dekhte ek doosre ko
mud ke ek baar dobara

agar takrati hamari ankhen bheed ke paar
to muskurate kya hum ek doosre par?
ya pher lete ankhen jaldi se
apne ajnabi hone ka ehsaas liye?

ho sakta hai hum
pehle bhi mile ho kahin
pehle bhi paar ki ho humne koi raah
bheed mein dekha ho doosre ko pehle kabhi?

tumhi batao pyaar
agar hum vaise na mile hote
jaise ab mile
tab bhi kya karte
hum ek doosre ko
itna hi pyaar?

if you and me were strangers
and bumped into each other
in a mall, or in a restaurant
or in the crowd at metro

if we found ourselves waiting
in a long line for some movie ticket
would we have turned
to see each other once again?

if our eyes met across the crowd
would we’ve smiled at each other?
or would have turned them away
feeling the way strangers do?

it might be possible
that we met somewhere before
might have crossed some way before
might have looked at the other in some crowd?

you tell me love
if we hadn’t met
like we did now
would we’ve loved
each other
this much


meet_me said...

What a beautiful thought Adi!!

"agar hum vaise na mile hote
jaise ab mile
tab bhi kya karte
hum ek doosre ko
itna hi pyaar?"

Destiny has to play it's game somehow n somewhere n sometime ;)

Wishing u both all the happiness in life.....
Cheers !!!

Rani said...

awww... thats soo adorable first of all. second of all, i LOVE the poem. loved both versions of it. ive often thought that -- that people who get together by chance or via friends or something -- were they meant to be? so if there wasnt a mediating party, would say "destiny" have bought them together anyways?
and u put it soo welll...

Aditi said...

beautiful.. absolutely beautiful
but yes u would have still met.. if not then.. then some other time ..some other way
because ppl that are meant to be together..well destiny finds a way

Anonymous said...

Loved it, loved it,loved it.such a beautiful poem.I think you were meant to be with Dee and wuld have found each other no matter what.I think it is Destiny that you both should be together.

Sigma said...

Beautiful thoughts Adi. Well written.

And sorry if I missed something, but '10 days to go' to what ?

Cinderella said...

OH ! This is simply delicious Adi...!!!!!!!!!!
Whenevr I read stuff like this from your blog I fall in love all over again.
You have such a romantic heart.

Cuckoo said...

Oh Adi,,,
its beautiful.. just beautiful.

Know Adi? I think I am selfish. Very selfish. I come to your blog... only to fall in love again & again & again...

"agar hum vaise na mile hote
jaise ab mile
tab bhi kya karte
hum ek doosre ko
itna hi pyaar?" What bautiful lines you've written.

Waiting for those 10 days... as much as you and Dee are waiting. :))

Wish you both a wonderful time together... today and forever....

Anonymous said...

Do let us know what she says.

madelyn said...

I think SO Adi:)

I believe the soul recognizes
it's heart regardless of time -
space - situation -
well, so I have been told:)

hugs to you and your princess!

Ashish Soni said...

that was beautiful..

lovely adi.... :)

keep it up



starry said...

Adi...Such a beautiful poem ,brought tears to my eyes.Thank you for translating I would never have wanted to miss reading these beautiful lines.Wish you both only happiness and love always.

BTW you have been tagged.

Raza Rumi said...

What a delight to have found your blog..
the poetry is brilliant and your writing is most subtle...

dreamt before

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