Sunday, August 05, 2007

sakshi / the witness

bohat samay pehle
jab saare kal
aaj hona baaki the
aur samay ne din gin-na
shuru nahi kiya tha
apni ungliyon par
tabhi kahin
hum mil ke bichde the
aur vada kiya tha
samay ko hi sakshi bana
ke milenge phir dobara
phir kisi mod par kahin

attempted translation,

a long time ago
when all the yesterdays
were yet to be today
and time hadn't started
counting days
on his fingers
it was then
that we'd met & separated
and had promised each other
with time himself as the witness
that we'll meet again
on some curve, somewhere


Anonymous said...

milenge fir dobara, aur milte rahenge baar baar...

Alok said...

well ... the wait and longing that u have been able to portray here is unparalleled .... simply unparalleled ....


delhidreams said...

dee ki bacchi, koi comment nahi kiya... yes, we'll time and again, with forever in our hands...and yes, the images do add meanings unknown***

alok: hmmmmm. now let me read the complete lapsus calami, phir i'll decide :)

Anonymous said...

on some curve somewhere..yes.

your poetry does it to me...thank you

delhidreams said...

switchsky: thanks for sharing what your heart feels...

dreamt before

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