Friday, October 19, 2007

mirages & words

not the resurrection as such, but atleast the questions are back :)

and our other blog is also updated, with a poem by vikram seth, here.


Movie Mazaa said...

How happy the humble sins can be....

I cud spend a couple of hours pondering on this one! Ah! The joys of a lazy Sunday!!

Alok said...

so u guys are back ..... mm has put it so beautifully ... how happy humble sins can be ....

PS: Thanks for checking on me bro ... had been very busy .. couldnt access mails and all and my site as well ... now i have moved to singapore ... so guess will have some time on my hand

take care


delhidreams said...

mm: dont u thing, this comment shud have been posted there :)

alok: welcome back, bhai. u tc too.

dreamt before

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