Friday, June 08, 2007

aur ek subah phir se

kisi din subah
jab tum kholo ye ankhen apni
aur baitha pao mujhe sirhaane
thodi hatheliyon pe rakhe
intezaar karte huye tumhare jagne ka
aur muskurao waise hi
jaise dua khilti hai masoom chehre pe
aisi kisi subah
jab sama lo mujhe tum apni angdai mein
tumhi batao pyar
kaisi wo subah hogi


delhidreams said...

attempted translation,

some morning
when you open these eyes of yours
and find me sitting beside
with chin resting on palms
waiting for you to get up

and smile like
a blessing flowers on an innocent face
when you fill me with your embrace
you tell me love
what a morning it would be

Aditi said...

imagine opening your eyes to love... beautiful

oceanic mirages said...

Teri gazal jaisi hogi,
Teri rubaai jaisi hogi,
Tughse jo ho roshan,
Meri parchayi jaisi hogi...
Love u...

Sigma said...

Beautiful words!
And good to see you back in action :-D

delhidreams said...

aditi: just a bare fraction of the actual emotion i felt is conveyed in these words... but try i will :)

deepti: i love u

sigma: oye, matbal ke hai kudiye?

Ash said...

Beautiful. Thanks for providing the translation too.

Anonymous said...

This is a great Blog.
Please add my blog to your blog roll.

Keshi said...

Im sure this has a beautiful meaning...


delhidreams said...

ash: thanks buddy. and i loved those goa pics :)

akshar: errr, i don't have a blogrol as such but yes, i've bookmarked u. thanks for the comment and welcome to deedreams.

do u know we've another blog at wordpress, ""

keshi: din't u read the translation!

Ash said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

As for the book, its The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Though my all-time fave artist is Johaness Vermeer.

dreamt before

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